About Goodies Homemade

How Goodies came about

Goodies was conceived when Susan Callahan's daughter attended college in the seemingly faraway land of New York City. To stave off homesickness and show how much she was missed, Susan sent her a package of homemade cookies, which were lovingly referred to as "goodies." Susan's daughter phoned and e-mailed her thanks, and her roommates and dormmates did, too! Soon enough, she and her friends were requesting them for every holiday, every birthday and every final exam throughout college. Who needs pizza and beer when you can have Goodies and milk?

Goodies Publicity

Good news! We all love to hear it, we all love to share it. Here is some of the great press we've received. The news about Goodies is getting around!

December 3, 2014


Winter, 2013 

Edible Boston featured GOODIES in the Winter 2013 edition.  Read all about us by following this link:  edibleboston.com/still-like-with-cookies

The Rachael Ray Show
Ms. Ray featured Goodies Chocolate Peanut Butter Munchies as its “Snack of the Day.” The lucky studio audience got to go home with samples of our cookies.